SS Basic Robotics Kit(School’s Pack)


This is Basic/ Introductory Robotics kit. If you want to explore the world of Robotics you must have this. By using this kit more than 32 Models can be made with the help of our AI enable teacher app. That app will guide you for your entire journey with Robotics kit.kit is having, Smart Arduino nano extension board (I.e AEC controller kit), 9-12v Rechargable battery, Cable and many more sensors.


DIY Basic Robotic Kit
Can be used in school and college for educational purpose
Can be used for prototype solutions
Real time robotic solutions
Arduino Nano with AEC Board.
JST Connectors.
9V Rechargable Battery & Charger.
IR Sensors compatible with AEC Board.
LDR Sensor compatible with AEC Board.
LCD, LED compatible with AEC Board.
Servo Motors compatible with AEC Board.


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